Core values
  • Children first

We encourage clients to put their children first and find solutions that work best for their children. 
  • Client centric.

We work at clients' speed, giving honest, pragmatic and sensible legal advice, explaining pros and cons and the likely costs of any course of action. 
  • Conscientious about costs. 

We work honestly and efficiently, and make sure our clients are comfortable with the cost of any work we do before we do it. 
  • Compromise and resolution.  

We prefer solutions that serve the interest of the family, especially children, and that help resolve matters close in a timely, dignified and cost effective way. 

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We are a niche firm, specialising in family law matters, with offices in Cambridge and Norwich.
We understand family matters because first and foremost we are people and we like to help people.
We are family solicitors and family mediators.
As family solicitors, we understand family matters and we help you on your way. We support you to help you sort out your separation, divorce, money and the arrangements for your children.  We give legal advice, practical information and support.   We work in the way best suited for you, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, collaborative law or court.
As family mediators, we understand family matters and we help couples see eye to eye. We work with couples to find a way forward for their future. We support couples in their discussions, we provide legal information and we facilitate their coming to an outcome that works for them and their family.

All our family solicitors and family mediators are proud members of Resolution (

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