Core values
  • Children first

We support our clients in the emotional, legal and practical considerations that face any parent going through separation. We encourage our clients to think about how life is going to look from their children's point of view and to put their children first at all times. 
  • Client centric.

Clients are advised carefully, sensitively and thoughtfully on their options. We work at our clients' speed, giving honest, pragmatic and sensible legal advice. We explain pros and cons and the likely costs of any course of action. We are sympathetic to clients' different needs, and we explain legal processes in a language that is understandable. We build close relationships with our clients, who welcome the direct access they have with us as often (or as little) as they want, when they want. 
  • Conscientious about costs. 

Honesty and integrity are at the foundation of our work. Costs transparency is integral to that. We ensure clients are comfortable with likely costs before we carry out any work and we agree a cost strategy with them. We work efficiently, with attention to detail and without losing sight of the bigger picture. We have the experience, knowledge and skills that comes from having worked in large law firms, and as we are a small personalised firm, we do not charge the same. 
  • Encourage compromise and resolution.  

We strive to find kind, cost effective and amicable solutions. We focus on non confrontational and constructive ways of resolving issues. We favour amicable solutions that serves the interest of the whole family, particularly children, and that bring matters to a close in a timely, dignified and sensible way. 

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Small acorns and big changes
This month we are celebrating 3 years since the firm first set up business on 12 April 2011. No clients, no office, no files. Just a laptop and a small desk. From the outset, work was carried out from Fiona's office at her home, and meetings were held at  Regus House, Cambourne Business Park, Cambridge.

offers excellent facilities to small businesses, in our case using their virtual office support. We've been really pleased to use their service, it's worked very well for us and we will continue to do so. 
With Christina joining the firm as an Associate in March 2014 and in line with both us of qualifying as Resolution Family Mediators, we've been thinking a lot about how our clients feel when they come to see us, how it must feel to visit a lawyer's office for the first time, and how we would want that experience to feel if we were in their shoes. We identified that clients should be as comfortable as possible - in short they need to feel 'at home' with us from the outset.  With that in mind, we started thinking about setting up our own dedicated client suite as well as finding a permanent home for the firm. Before long we found 8 Wellington Court in the centre of Cambridge. Very soon, this will be our new home, continuing also to see clients at Regus if that suits them better.
We are excited that the success of the firm in 3 years has given us the opportunity to grow in this way and we look forward to welcoming clients at 8 Wellington Court and at Regus House.

Fiona and Christina
April 2014