Children are at the centre of any family. The breakdown of a family can have profound effects on all family members, but particularly children.

You may want advice about how to arrange your children’s time on separation (earlier known as custody of children or residence), as well as other matters such as schooling and child maintenance. As family law solicitors, we act sensitively to your anxieties and concerns. We encourage you to put you children first and find solutions that work best for your children.

As family lawyers, we give legal advice about issues arising on separation that concern children. We offer sensitive, pragmatic and considered advice as well as support that recognises the needs of the whole family.

As mediators, we support mediating parents in discussing arrangements for the family on separation. We assist mediating couples to discuss and explore agreeable solutions that work best for the children. We provide legal information but we do not give advice. We signpost to other professionals where desirable.

As collaborative lawyers, we work as a collaborative team with both clients and the other lawyer to discuss and agree the children’s arrangements.

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