We understand that you are looking for excellent and effective legal representation that suits how much you can afford.

We are dedicated to making premium family law services affordable, regardless of your circumstances. Each client is different and has their own unique set of circumstances and needs. Every client is important to us.

At the outset, we will discuss your situation with you to understand what you hope to achieve and then explain how much your chosen path is likely to cost. We take time to understand how much involvement you want us to have.

Some clients may be looking for full representation, others may feel able to do some of the tasks themselves, relying on us as and when they need to. We will work with you and agree a strategy that works best for you.


Initial legal advice

An initial face to face consultation is invaluable as it gives you the chance to talk through your situation and obtain some initial legal advice to help you decide what to do next. The cost of the first meeting is discounted from our solicitor’s usual rates and is inclusive of VAT. (We can also offer a telephone consultation or skype meeting at the same rates if that works better for you).

Norwich office (Sue Bailey)

Initial advice consultation £90 inc vat for up to one hour – Norwich only. 

After 60 mins the time is charged per our usual hourly rates.

Fixed fee costs

We offer some of our work on a fixed fee basis, e.g. divorce proceedings, consent orders, attendance at court, case overview, second opinions and bespoke advice.

We are interested in offering other fixed fee work if it suits you better. If there is something you feel can be done  for you on a fixed fee basis, please talk to us and we will try to work that way wherever possible.

Please feel free to contact us using the following form if you have any queries.

Costs after the first meeting

Our hourly rates range from £150 – £240 plus VAT.

We charge most of our work on a ‘time spent’ basis which means you pay for the amount of time we spend working for you. The rate is per hour but this is divided into 10 units of 6 minutes.

Our rates are lower than other family lawyers in our field. Why is this? Well, we try to keep overheads as low as possible. We have small and efficient teams of solicitors in each office. In Cambridge, we have a small office in the centre of the city (with car parking and 10 minutes from the Family Court). In Norwich, we have the use of the meeting rooms at No 72 Thorpe Road, Norwich (right next to Norwich train station).

Our team may be small but we work efficiently and with a conscience to make sure that our time is used effectively and with value. We care about our work and we care about making sure we offer the best value for money for you.


To celebrate two years in Norwich in 2017, we are running a monthly Law Surgery offering initial 30-minute appointments for no charge.

Upcoming Dates for Law Surgery: 20th April

Cambridge office (Christina Hale)

£150 for 60 mins

After 60 mins the time is charged per our usual hourly rates.

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