Our team

Sue Bailey (centre right) is a Partner, Mediator and Solicitor at the Norwich office of FM Family Law.

Karen Fox (far right) is a Mediator and Legal Executive at the Norwich office of FM Family Law.

Christina Hale (left) is Senior Associate, Mediator  and Solicitor at the Cambridge office of FM Family Law.

Fiona McLeman (centre left) is a Partner, Mediator and Solicitor at the Cambridge office of FM Family Law.

Kate Smith (not shown) is the firm’s Office Manager at FM Family Law.

Fiona McLeman

Fiona McLeman

Solicitor and Mediator Partner of FM Family Law

  • I am the founding member of FM Family Law. I set my company up in 2011, one of the best career decisions I made. 
  • I  have been qualified as a Solicitor far too long than I wish to remember.  I trained in the days when Law College exams were called the LSF - apparently they were more stressful than NASA entrance tests (so lawyers say).
  • All I have ever specialised in is divorce and family law and I am passionate about my work.
  • I have a great team working alongside me; I am very proud of the firm FM Family Law has become in 7 years.
  • I am a member of Resolution and have been since 1997. I have been accredited by Resolution as a specialist in family law (pensions and children matters) for 13 years. I discovered a better way of supporting clients in relationship breakdown after I trained as a collaborative family lawyer in 2004.  I qualified as a Family Mediator in 2014. Mediation is one of the most rewarding ways of helping couples transition from coupledom to separation. 
  • I volunteer for the free legal advice Law Clinic at Anglia Ruskin University as well as take my turn on the pro bono family mediation rota at Cambridge Family Court. I am a Trustee of the charity, Relate Cambridge (www.relate.org.uk,)
  • I like having close relationships with my clients and, put quite simply, I like helping them. Seeing a client at the very start of their journey and helping navigate them  a happier stronger place is a very rewarding experience for me.
  • You can what my clients have said about me here
Sue Bailey

Sue Bailey

Solicitor, Mediator and Partner

  • I am a Solicitor, Mediator and Partner of FM Family Law. Since I qualified in 2006, I have specialised exclusively in family law.
  • I am passionate about putting families first. 
  • I had worked with Fiona in the past and in 2015 she asked me to join the firm. I opened the doors of the Norwich branch FM Family Law, the company's second office, in March 2015.
  • I trained as a Collaborative lawyer in 2010 and as a Family Mediator in 2014. 
  • I am the committee member of the Norfolk and Norwich branch of Resolution and a committee member of the Norfolk and Norwich Law Society.
  • Chambers and Partners say that I have  “a strong knowledge of family law matters and is very supportive throughout the divorce process.....with strong technical skills in high asset value separations as well as complex private children matters. – Chambers and Partners UK edition 2016
  • Fiona says  "Sue has an amazing collection of 'Thank you' cards from her client which is testament to the amazing lawyer she is"
  • To see some of the things my clients have said about me click here
Christina Hale

Christina Hale

Senior Associate, Solicitor and Mediator

  • I am a Solicitor and Senior Associate. I have specialised exclusively in divorce and family law for 12 years.
  • I joined Fiona in 2014, being the first to join the firm after Fiona had set it up in 2011. 
  • I have always worked in Cambridge and my early career experiences gave me a very thorough understanding of the family court in Cambridge. I worked for a legal aid firm in the days when legal aid was widely available in divorce cases. I cut my teeth as an advocate as a then junior and it has stood me in great stead for today. I am proud to be able to represent clients in court and I undertake my own advocacy.
  • I feel privileged to receive personal recommendations, especially from local lawyers, both as a lawyer and as a mediator.
  • I am a committee member of Cambridge & West Suffolk Resolution and a  committee member of Cambridge & Ely Children’s Contact Centre www.ceccc.org.uk.
  • I think my clients would say that they find me to be sensitive and compassionate. I like helping clients to see the big picture, and help them cut through the woods to see the trees. I firmly believe in offering value for money.
  • Read here to see what my clients have said about me.
Karen Fox

Karen Fox

Family lawyer and mediator

  • Karen is a family lawyer and mediator
  • Karen has specialised exclusively in family law throughout her career and has over 30 years of family law experience!
  • Karen joined the team at FM Family Law in 2017.
  • Karen is a member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.
  • Karen is a member of Resolution.
  • Karen is known to be tenacious and outcome focused. She has a kind and calming manner, helping her clients feel more at ease in an authoritative and reassuring way. Her clients say they feel listened to and supported while being navigated by Karen through difficult times and often challenging legal processes.
  • Karen is a School Governor.

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Kate Smith

Kate Smith

Office Manager

  • I am the Office Manager at FM Family Law.
  • I joined in February 2015. I had had no prior background in family law as for 26 years I had worked in the private banking arm of LLoyds TSB in Cambridge. My experience in the client relationship finance industry stood me in good stead for working in the world of family law. I am kept very busy!
  • I have a very varied job as  I look after all lawyers in both offices in a wide variety of roles.
  • I am also the point of call  for clients and deals with some of the firm's compliance and accounting matters.