FM Family Law launches innovative way of working with couples following a ‘one lawyer, two clients’ approach

FM Family Law launches innovative way of working with couples following a ‘one lawyer, two clients’ approach

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new and innovative way of working with couples going through divorce, dissolution or separation: Resolution Together.


Resolution Together is a model which allows couples going through divorce, dissolution or separation to get advice and help from one lawyer rather than each having their own lawyer. This model follows ground-breaking changes in the law which allow couples, for the first time, to make joint divorce applications.


Using the Resolution Together approach, we can support couples with achieving a financial settlement, arrangements for caring for any children and, where necessary, prepare legal documents for approval by the court. Resolution Together means overall costs are likely to be less, yet couples receive the same top-tier advice and professional guidance to achieve a consensual outcome in a dignified and amicable manner.


Our experienced family law experts supporting couples with this approach include Fiona McLeman, founding Partner of FM Family Law, and Christina Hale, Partner and Family Mediator.


Fiona and Christina are both experts in their field and highly regarded family lawyers. They both repeatedly receive personal recommendations as a true testament to their excellent reputations and client care.


Resolution Together offers lots of benefits to couples:


  • Cost effective – There is no duplication of work, and the fees can be shared and paid jointly by the couple.
  • Reduce delays – we will guide couples to reach their own agreement as soon as is practicable and help couples reach decisions, as well as advise on possible fair outcomes and options.
  • Tailored solutions – we will focus on the work needed to achieve each couples’ priorities and shared objectives.
  • Limit conflict – by meeting with one lawyer together as a couple, information is shared at the outset. This promotes trust and confidence rather than starting from a place where separate lawyers are instructed which can feel oppositional.
  • Defined process – The model involves initial individual meetings followed by a series of joint meetings that includes considering full financial disclosure, providing detailed legal advice and facilitated discussions aimed at reaching solutions that ensures the needs of the family are met. Once an agreement is reached, it can be drawn up by us in an agreed court order which will provide couples with security and finality.


We are excited to be launching this new service and look forward to helping more couples find the best solutions for them and their family.


If you would like to learn more about how Resolution Together could benefit you, please contact your local office:

Cambridge – 01223 355333

Norwich – 01603 443333

Newmarket – 01638 453700