Friday Focus on Emma Wager

Friday Focus on Emma Wager

We asked Emma Wager, who joined FM Family Law in October 2023, a quick Q&A as part of our Friday Focus series to give you the opportunity to get to know a bit more about her. If you missed any of our previous posts, you can find them here.


What’s your role at FM Family Law?

I am an Associate Solicitor and Mediator.


What do you most enjoy about what you do?

I genuinely enjoy getting to know my clients and their key concerns and objectives for themselves and their family. In some cases the relationship between a client and their solicitor/mediator can be a long one and so it’s important that it’s a good fit. 


What is your proudest professional achievement?

There are many times when I feel like I have been able to make a difference to my clients’ lives, whether this be by way of reassurance in our first meeting, or at the other end of the journey as they are able to move forward with their lives.

I am personally very proud of my qualifying and building my mediation practice, having undertaken a lot of training alongside my legal practice in 2021. I am very passionate about resolving matters outside of court wherever possible and really like being able to offer this service myself. My experience as a mediator also complements my work as a solicitor and means that I am able to offer insightful support and advice for clients alongside the mediation process. 


When did you realise you wanted to go into law and what pathway did you take?

I have been working in law firms since I was 16 years old, when I worked as an office assistant in a local law firm in Plymouth one afternoon a week.

I had quite a long pathway to how I got from there to where I am now, involving a number of cities…! I studied Law and German at Cardiff University, including a year studying in the town of Passau in Germany. After university, I went straight into work as a paralegal at a national law firm based in London, and later moved to Southampton when that firm opened a new office.

Upon qualification I moved back to London, where I worked in the family team of a top-tier law firm for just over 6 years before joining FM Family Law and relocating to Cambridge in October 2023.

After lots of moving around, I am hopeful that Cambridge is going to be by home for many years to come, and indeed my home in the FM Family Law team too.  


What legal-themed book/film/TV-series would you recommend to others?

I really enjoyed US shows like Suits and The Good Wife, and of course Legally Blonde – all of course for entertainment purposes… while I love what I do, I can’t say the real life experience is as glamorous!  


What’s the best advice you give clients?

I am always conscious to ensure that clients have the right support around them. Going through a separation and/or divorce is one of the most difficult and stressful life events that anyone can experience and so it’s essential to have not just good legal support, but also the support of family, friends and often additional therapeutic support.


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