“Divorce Day” is generally considered by the media to occur on the first working Monday of the new year. Allegedly it is the day on which there is a rush to engage a lawyer or to apply to the family courts to start the divorce process. This alleged peak in enquiries about separation/divorce is thought to arise at the end of the festive holiday season and or the start of a new year. Certainly it can be a particularly sensitive and intense time for some families. The alleged rush may also be caused as a result of some couples wishing to avoid upsetting family dynamics over the holidays and instead deferring to take action about their relationship until the new year.

In what has developed into our annual “Divorce Day” message, FM Family Law does not support any media hype that encourages hasty decisions about a family breakdown or which has a risk of glamorising what can be a painful break up.  We do not encourage our clients to make rash and hasty life-changing decisions. We are mindful that the holiday season can be a stressful time, and that the new year can also bring a renewed sense of hope and a desire for change. However, divorce or separation is a major life event that can have significant financial, emotional, and practical consequences and is not something that should be considered lightly.

If you are experiencing relationship issues, before making any major decisions, we encourage you to take time to reflect and ensure you get all the support you need to be in the best headspace for making life changing decisions. Here are some things you can do to help:

1. Talk to someone: It can be helpful to talk to someone about your feelings and concerns if you feel unable to speak to your partner. You may want to consider speaking with a professional therapist or counsellor, or confide in a trusted friend or family member.

2. Reflect: It can be helpful to take a break from the situation and give yourself some time and space to think independently. This might involve taking a short day trip, going for a walk, or engaging in a hobby that you enjoy.

3. Practice self-care: Make sure to prioritise your physical and emotional well-being. This may involve exercising, hydrating, reducing alcohol consumption, eating well, getting enough sleep, and finding ways to relax and de-stress.

4. Professional guidance: There are many resources available to help you navigate the challenges of a relationship breakdown. You may want to consider joining an online or face to face support group or seeking guidance from a trusted professional, such as a counsellor, divorce coach, family lawyer or family mediator.

5. Initial no obligation legal advice: FM Family Law have 10 specialist family lawyers, 3 of which are also trained mediators, who can offer tailored advice and support to help you work out the right way forward for you.

The initial impulses of the new year may pass, but the impact of a decision to separate or divorce will be long-lasting. So on “Divorce Day”,  FM Family Law encourages you to take a moment to reflect, prioritise your mental wellbeing, and seek support before making any major decisions for your future.  Once you have done that, and if you still wish to move forward with a separation or divorce, then we would be happy to support you – please do not hesitate to contact us here.