You are looking for excellent effective valuable legal representation that suits how much you can afford. FM Family Law is dedicated to making specialist family law services available to you to suit your budget, regardless of your circumstances.

Each client is different and has their own unique set of circumstances and needs. Every client is important to us.

We will discuss your situation with you to understand what you hope to achieve and advise on your possible options and the likely cost.

We take time to understand your objectives and how much involvement you want us to have, as this will affect your costs. We are transparent about how much it is likely to cost. We inform you monthly how much your fees are, and we regularly update you on your likely costs.

We can also offer fixed fees for some of our work so that you know exactly how much it is going to cost you. Fixed fees can be for divorce proceedings, prenuptial agreements, post nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, parenting plans and agreed financial settlements. See below for more information.

Your one to one meeting with us

Initial advice consultations?

We know that embarking on a divorce or separation can be daunting and that you may be worried about taking that step and about how much it  will cost. The first step  is a face to face consultation to give you initial advice on your situation and help steer you to the next stage, as well as arm you with information about your options. We offer a one hour initial advice consultation all of which time is spent giving you advice. We don’t spend valuable time at the meeting time gathering information from you as we obtain relevant  information from you beforehand. This means you get all our time and attention in the meeting, with excellent legal advice and excellent value for money. (If you are not local to once of our offices we are happy to offer a telephone consultation or Zoom meeting at the same rate). The cost for initial advice for up to one hour ranges from £150 – £330 inc VAT. After one hour the time is charged per our usual hourly rates.

Second opinions or already in court proceedings?

Please note that this cost does not apply to second opinion meetings or if you are already engaged in litigation. We are more than happy to meet with you and offer a second opinion or take your case on from another lawyer during litigation and our time is charged per our usual rates.


Fixed fee costs

We offer some of our work on a fixed fee basis, e.g. attendance at court, case overview, second opinions and bespoke advice.

We can also offer fixed fee services for other work if it suits you better. If there is something you feel can be done for you on a fixed fee basis, please talk to us and we will try to work that way wherever possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Costs after the first meeting

Costs can be charged on a time spent basis, like most lawyers, or a fixed fee. When the time spent approach is applied, we charge for the time we spend working for you based on an hourly rate. Our rates range from £190 – £320 plus VAT. Charging our work on a ‘time spent’ basis means you pay for the amount of time we spend working for you. The rate is per hour but this is divided into 10 units of 6 minutes.

Our hourly rates are lower than other family lawyers in our field. Why is this? Well, we try to keep overheads as low as possible. We have small and efficient teams of solicitors in each of our offices in Cambridge, Norwich and Newmarket.

Our team may be small but we work efficiently and with a conscience to make sure that our time is used effectively and with value. We care about our work and we care about making sure we offer the best value for money for you.

Pro bono in the community

FM Family Law is proud to be associated with Anglia Law Clinic, Cambridge. The Clinic runs  family law advice sessions once a week. For more information please see The Cambridge team assist with delivering free initial family law advice sessions to the Cambridge community.

FM Family Law is proud to be associated with the Cambridge Family Court pro bono in court mediation service. This runs every Wednesday at Cambridge Family Court to support couples involved in court proceedings regarding their children.

The Norwich team at FM Family Law are involved with the Norfolk Community Law Service, a registered charity dedicated to providing access to justice and equality in Norfolk. All their services are free, independent and confidential.