Resolution Together –

One Solicitor One Couple

Resolution Together is a ‘One Solicitor, One Couple’ approach that allows couples going through divorce or separation to get advice and help from one lawyer rather than each having their own lawyer.

FM Family Law’s highly experienced and knowledgeable family law experts will work closely with both of you and guide you through the process, providing bespoke advice and support throughout. Your lawyer can work with you to sort out a financial settlement, arrangements for caring for any children you may have and, where necessary, prepare legal documents for approval by the court.

Resolution Together means overall costs are likely to be less, yet couples receive the same top-tier advice and professional guidance to achieve a consensual outcome in a dignified and amicable manner.


Benefits of Resolution Together:

Cost Effective

There is no duplication of work, and the fees can be shared and paid jointly by you both.

Reduce Delays

Your lawyer will guide you both to reach your own agreement as soon as is practicable and help you reach decisions, as well as advise on possible fair outcomes and options.

Tailored Solutions

Your lawyer will focus on the work needed to achieve your identified priorities and shared objectives.

Limit Conflict

By meeting with one lawyer together as a couple, information is shared at the outset. This promotes trust and confidence rather than starting from a place where separate lawyers are instructed which can feel oppositional.

Defined Process

The model involves initial individual meetings followed by a series of joint meetings that includes considering full financial disclosure, providing detailed legal advice and facilitated discussions aimed at reaching solutions that ensures the needs of the family are met. Once an agreement is reached, it will be drawn up by your lawyer in an agreed court order which will provide you with security and finality.


What is Resolution Together?

The Resolution Together ‘one lawyer, two clients’ approach is a full wrap-around method designed to support couples experiencing divorce or separation through the entire process from start to finish. It involves a defined process designed to narrow differences between you both so you can reach an outcome which suits you and your family as soon as is practicable.

What does the process involve?

Your lawyer will guide you both to reach your own agreement as soon as is practicable and help you reach decisions, as well as advise on possible fair outcomes and options.

How does it differ from other resolution methods?

Instead of a couple each having their own lawyer and those lawyers sending correspondence back and forth in the traditional way, each of you will work with the same highly experienced family law expert who supports and advises you both.

Who is Resolution Together suitable for?

If both of you are aligned with the following statements then the Resolution Together approach is likely to be suitable for you:


– you are committed to working towards your own solutions amicably together

– you are willing to be open and honest with sharing all relevant information including financial or other required disclosure

– you are both emotionally ready and able to work together to solve problems

– you are both able to take part in the process and participate fully and freely

Who is Resolution Together not suitable for?

The Resolution Together approach may not be the best option for you if any of the following features in your situation:


– there is, has been or may be concerns about past or ongoing abuse within the relationship

– there is a safeguarding concern in relation to an adult or a child

– emotions are running high

– there is a significant imbalance of power between you that cannot be managed

– one or both of you will not provide all the relevant information needed and/or will not confirm that you have done so 

– one of you is, or feels, unable to make decisions freely  

– there is any actual or perceived concern that either or both of you may be involved in unlawful activity

– there are legal or other complexities that will be difficult to address together with one lawyer 


If the Resolution Together approach is not suitable for you, then there are still a wide range of dispute resolution options available and our expert lawyers will find a bespoke solution to best help you.

What if we can’t reach an agreement?

It may not always be possible to resolve issues between you. Resolution Together aims to support and empower couples to narrow the issues and find their own solutions which are best for you and your family. However if fundamental disagreements remain then the full range of alternative dispute resolution options are still available and can complement the Resolution Together approach. These options include mediation, Child Inclusive Mediation, arbitration, working collaboratively, and more. Your lawyer will be able to help you decide what option might be best for you both.

Can we get independent advice too?

            Yes. You are both free to seek individual and independent legal advice at any time should you wish.

How much will it cost?

Instructing one lawyer invariably reduces the cost for both clients. The Resolution Together model also includes fixed fee meetings to help you both manage costs throughout.

The overall costs will depend on your individual circumstances. For more information on costs please contact your local office.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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