Who we are



We understand family matters.


FM Family Law is a niche law firm, specialising in legal advice on all aspects of family law.

FM Family Law has offices in Cambridge, Norwich and Newmarket.

We do not do any other legal work, other than divorce and family law. It is our  passion and our vocation. Our job is to advise you and support you to help you sort out your separation or divorce. We provide you with practical help, information and support. We work in the way best suited for you. This might be a lawyer to lawyer negotiation, mediation, arbitration, collaborative law or (as a last resort) court. Our legal work also involves advising on prenuptial agreements, cohabitation disputes, Schedule 1 Children Act 1989, child maintenance, financial settlements, and separation agreements.

We are specialist family mediators.

As your mediator, we work with you in mediation to help you and your ex-partner agree a way forward for your future in your divorce or separation. We support you and your ex-partner in your communication and your discussions. We provide legal information. We facilitate you coming to an outcome that works best for you and you family. We have dedicated mediation suites in both offices.

All our lawyers and family mediators at FM Family Law are proud members of Resolution www.resolution.org.uk