We love our jobs and we think we are pretty marvellous at what we do. But don’t just take our word for it. Below is what  our clients have said about us  (anonymised and redacted)


Kerry ReadKerry attended Court with me for one morning to be represented and I have already found myself to have the utmost confidence in her. It wasn’t just the fact that the Judge decided in my favour on this hearing, it was also the way Kerry dealt with myself, listening to me about my situation and being so understanding“.


Fiona McLemanFrom the very first conversation with Fiona, we knew we had made the correct decision to engage/work with FM Family Law. Fiona gave honest and clear advice in a direct but caring and supportive manner…We would strongly recommend FM Family Law.”


Karen FoxWords will never be able to express how grateful I am for all of your support, advice, clear headedness and humour throughout the whole process, not to mention your negotiation skills at getting both the favourable outcome and the matter brought to a close. Thank you!


Laura Clay-HarrisWith many thanks again Laura, for your stunning support in what has been a tough couple of years. Always most appreciated.”


Kerry Read “Kerry is very professional and personable. Before I sought legal advice from Kerry I was incredibly anxious but with every meeting we have, I come away feeling confident and I have a lot of trust in her knowledge. She is very reassuring and very honest. Instructing her to represent me in court has taken away so much stress and anxiety, my only regret is not contacting Kerry sooner to represent me. I’m very grateful for all her hard work.”


Carla Morphett “My experience of FM Family Law was that they were a highly compassionate and professional firm. I worked with Carla, throughout Carla made sure I understood every step of each process. One important aspect of the process for me was that I felt listened to. This was an extremely difficult time for me and Carla really helped me through it.”


Laura Clay-Harris “Thank you so very much for all your help , and making my divorce a very painless experience. From our first meeting you put me totally at ease and you have continued to carry the work through brilliantly. I shall certainly recommend your company and be assured that other people will be as pleased as I am.”


Karen Fox “I would highly recommend Karen to anyone facing a difficult family situation. I really couldn’t think of anyone better I would want by my side in a difficult situation. FM Family Law are extremely lucky to have someone like Karen representing their company. Even the Admin staff (Kate Smith) in particular were very good to me. Overall an exceptional service from start to finish!”


Sue Bailey “The divorce process is such an emotional and mentally challenging process to go through but with your guidance and support it was as straight forward as it could be. Your ability to listen and provide the right guidance at the right time along with your highly professional and efficient approach ensured that you provide outstanding support, thank you.


Laura Clay-Harris “Thank you Laura for your outstanding support in what has been a difficult and emotional time for us”


Karen Fox “Your advice, understanding and straight talking have been invaluable. I would recommend you/your firm to anyone in a similar situation”


Sue Bailey “I wish to take the opportunity to thank you for all that you have done so far. I have just spent the most amazing weekend with [my child] when just two weeks ago all contact was arbitrarily called off…I have no illusions that this happened only because of the actions of your firm. Thank you so much.”


Fiona McLeman “I so appreciated your expert, professional and personal approach. Your guidance was invaluable and helped me cope at home and in work. You do great work Fiona, please keep it up!”


Laura Clay-Harris “Laura represented me in a children access case and also a clean break. She was very professional, patient with me, always answered my questions and gave me objective counsel I knew I could trust.  Her hard work and diligence resulted in a favourable outcome for both cases. I would highly recommend Laura.”


Sue Bailey “Thank you for your help and your kindness throughout an emotionally difficult process. I was initially apprehensive about mediation, but you made me feel really comfortable. It was really important to me that XX and I discussed our future plans in a constructive way so that we could decide what would be best for each of us, and for our children – I definitely feel that the mediation sessions that we have had with you were the best way to do that!  


Karen Fox “I genuinely can not thank you enough for today… you have literally been amazing! It’s lovely to be able to trust you have my back …. and I felt at ease knowing I have you”


Christina Hale “Your understanding and insight was hugely valuable and made an enormous difference to me and to the outcome and in giving me the strength to do what I had to do”


Fiona McLeman ” I asked Fiona to help me achieve something seeming nearly impossible and to do this whilst supporting me to represent myself. Fiona gave me advice and I wrote correspondence for Fiona to check. I experienced us as a good team working this way. I am usually very good at managing my feelings and when I struggled to cope with feelings evoked by the process (anger, terror, hurt, disappointment and so on) Fiona helped me stay rational, focused and acting in my own best interests. The process of divorce was horrific and I really appreciated Fiona’s calmness, steadfastness and focus in helping me achieve my goals. Happily we did achieve my goals and in a very efficient way. Thank you.”


Sue Bailey “Thank you for all your time, guidance and support! It has been an extremely challenging 14 months and I am very grateful for the help you provided.”


Christina Hale  “Thanks for your help …., ultimately allowing my children to ensure I remain a key part of their lives which was an uphill struggle – but we got there!  Your recent assistance also made xxxxxxxxx possible ……  Once again, thank you for all your help which has truly been positively life changing.”


Laura Clay-Harris “Thank you again for all your fantastic work and effort in achieving today’s result. We couldn’t have asked for more from you. You are an absolute superstar.”


Karen Fox  “Thanks for your help. I think that yesterday your experience, expertise, negotiation skills and interactions with  xxxx  were invaluable.”


Fiona McLeman “Life is much better.  You helped me get my life back – I can never thank you enough for suggesting…..[confidential content] – you must have seen straight through the situation and known what would happen.  Thank you so much”


Sue Bailey “You will probably say that you were only doing your job but to me and my family we are very thankful for your honesty, professionalism and care.  I’ve appreciated your integrity- not always giving me the answer I want to hear but the truthful and realistic approach.”


Christina Hale  – “I thank you Christina for all your sound advice and help that you gave me, I will definitely recommend yourself to anyone that needs professional help in the future many thanks”


Karen proved to have the same fighting spirit and tenacity to combat most things that were being thrown at me, but also the skills to navigate a path through the issues and end up with a result that was far above my expectations.  


Fiona McLeman “Throughout, I have appreciated your guidance in this matter even when I’ve wanted to throw the book at them, you’ve brought sanity to proceedings. Please also thank Christina for her initial help.”


Sue Bailey represented me in court today.  She was truly brilliant…I felt like I really had someone who was on my side who was willing to go above and beyond to fight my corner…”


Christina Hale. “I wish to acknowledge the help and support received from my solicitor Christina Hale. She was able to guide and support me through the trauma of divorce. This has not only helped me in the moment, but ensured a future where (we) can live life with security and safety. I am truly grateful, and would confidently recommend Christina and the Practice to others.”


Karen Fox  “From my initial meeting with  Karen Fox  I felt comfortable and at ease. She advised me but reassured me at the same time that she was there if I needed her. …..Although the legal processes took some time, Karen helped me and reassured me I would get through it all. Karen is honest, reliable, understanding and very experienced at what she does.”


Sue Bailey “thank you Sue, you’ve given me much needed support and expert guidance.  When I’ve needed tough advice, you’ve given it but in a supportive way.


Fiona McLeman  (as mediator) “Thank you so much for all your support Fiona, you greatly eased a very difficult process for us. I will recommend your services for any friends that find themselves in a similar position.


Sue Bailey ” “Sue, it has been lovely having you in my corner you have helped me so much.”


Fiona McLeman   -” I just wanted to say thank you again for your professional and objective help and advice at a time when emotions are running very high”


Sue Bailey ” “Thank you Sue, you’ve given me much needed support and expert guidance.  When I’ve needed tough advice, you’ve given it but in a supportive way.”


Karen Fox  “You really do make this whole process very much easier than it might be due to your calm, approachable and friendly manner”. 


Fiona McLeman   would like to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me over the last 12 months……….Thank you Fiona again and I would certainly recommend you to anyone that wants some help.”


Fiona McLeman  “Thank you for all your help and advice over the past years.”


Karen Fox “Karen was brilliant throughout my long and difficult case.  Her communication is excellent and made things easy for me to understand and make decisions. Karen is friendly and very approachable, she was always on the end of the phone for me to discuss concerns and she reassured me through a very difficult time. Her approach in Court is very calm and professional with a great depth of knowledge and expertise. Karen clearly cares about the work she does.”


Fiona McLeman   “Thank you for all your help and guidance … I think I was jolly fortunate for you to have been my counsel, and to this day I don’t think I could have chosen better with all the time in the world.”


Fiona McLeman  “Thank you for everything you did to help me through the divorce.” 


Fiona McLeman  “Fiona provided clear matrimonial advice promptly and with great administrative efficiency. Her contribution to the case was first class. When matters progressed to Court, she instructed a first-class barrister, whose involvement secured value for money.”

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